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  • October 11, 2014

Dear APPNA Ohio members

I feel really humbled and excited to be president of the chapter 2019-2020. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to serve you.  APPNA Ohio is lucky to have dedicated physicians in EC and have great supportive members. I want to thank all past presidents particularly Dr. Fouzia Tariq and Dr Ghulam Mujtaba who took our chapter to next level, phenomenally and altruistically.

Biggest war is against illiteracy, poverty and lack of healthcare to majority around the world. APPNA Ohio playing its part for over a decade in this war.  Under Mehdi Qamar foundation, two trucks of medical supplies are sent every year to SIUT. Dr Shahid Sheikh is the founder of this program.  Khapal Khor School project for deserving children is sponsored by our memebrs and by Dr Naeem Khan and family and appna Ohio supervises this for years.  Cleft Lips and plate project is being run under APPNA and this year, APPNA OHIO will run it independently.   This year our priority and Goal is to spend most where it’s needed instead of spending on lavish meetings. We will arrange multiple Low budget get togethers for networking all over Ohio.   First meeting will be in Columbus on April 6th, others will be considered in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown or anywhere where 20 physician can be gathered and our EC will join them.  Looking forward to a productive year for our fraternity and community. Let’s work together for our next generation.

Best regards
Dr. Rao kamran Ali

President 2019-20

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